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WOW!!! [22 Mar 2012|06:51pm]
[ mood | nostalgic ]

Holy crap, I still remembered my password. O__O

I really wish I had updated this within the last year, would have definitely helped me get my thoughts out during two of the most difficult times in my life and would have given me some sort of closure. Damn....

Psycho Killer

[10 May 2010|11:12am]
[ mood | chipper ]

It's been a long time since I've posted in here, lot of changes for me lately.
All good, it's about damn time.

Psycho Killer

[07 May 2009|11:50pm]
[ mood | sore ]

Damn it's been a while, I saw Depeche Mode 2 weeks ago today and it was aaaaaaaaaaawesome. I finally got my gypsy colored in today, I need to post a picture. She's gorgeous! Final session was 2 and a half hours and damn is my arm burning right now. Uuugh.

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Depeche Mode!!! [23 Feb 2009|09:28pm]
[ mood | ecstatic ]

Playing the Hollywood muthafucken BOWL! Hell yeah! Got to get IT ON! I am so hitting up both shows, I don't give a daaaayum.

Psycho Killer

Dia de los muertos Gypsy, Phase 2 [04 Jan 2009|09:57pm]
[ mood | satisfied ]

1 more phase to go, this took a little over 2 hours for the shading. I got it done yesterday afternoon, it's still pretty red. It just feels like a bad burn that is healing. No big deal though.

I looove the little white details he did on the eyes and lips. I chose hazel for the eye color, we agreed it would fit perfectly. I go back for the final coloring in 2 weeks. I am very very happy with it, Dave is awesome. The only real pain I felt was my butt from sitting so long but it was well worth it. :D




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Seasons greetings [23 Dec 2008|10:45am]
[ mood | happy ]

It's almost the end of the year, that was quick.

We had our company Christmas lunch last Friday at Black Angus. Since our company is so small (6 of us) I was a bit "aw damnit" because I work with 5 IT guys so my fear was that our lunchtime convo would turn into IT convo and I'd be staring blankly at my mashed potatoes lol. It actually went great, my boss kicked off the lunch by ordering a beer so a co-worker and I followed and did the same. I had a nice Heffen and that took a little bit of the edge off and soon I was yapping about one of my recent crazy stories lol.

Boss gave us presents, GOOD ones! I was totally shocked. It was $150, 2 Disneyland Park Hopper passes, Blu-Ray player, Ipod, and an Olympus digi cam. I picked the digi cam. I was in total need of a new one, this takes waaaay better pictures than my previous camera. All in all, it was a good day.

I bought Rock Band for my sister, that game is the SHIT. Only complaint I have is that there are NOOOO spanish songs on there, what the fuck is up with that. At least Guitar Hero had Heroes Del Silencio for me to rock out on. Hopefully they get the copyrights to some bad ass spanish jams next year.

Back to work I go.

Psycho Killer

[08 Dec 2008|06:34pm]
[ mood | happy ]

I fiiinally started my Dia de los Muertos Gypsy on my left forearm and I love it. I went in yesterday afternoon and was out of the shop by 1pm ish. My original appt. was at 10 but due to scheduling conflicts we ran late. I woulda got the whole thing done if it wasn't for the lack of time. I'm due back on the 3rd to finish her, depending on how things turn out next week it miiiight be sooner!
I got it done by Dave Sanchez at Yer Cheat'n Heart in Gardena. He did the rose on my right forearm on Hallows Eve and I was very happy with it so he will be my tattoo guy from now on. Come to think of it I've gotten all of my tattoos there, but I have been happiest with his work. :)



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A postiar [02 Dec 2008|08:17pm]
[ mood | sore ]

My how time flies, I'm in dire need of posting an update. Life is really good, I went through a little rough patch earlier this year but I am in a good place right now. I am so beat, I went to the gym and my body is a hurtin'. I think I'm gonna put on some heels and do my laundry.

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We be clubbin' til the day we die [24 May 2008|02:47am]
[ mood | awake ]

Haha I love you Ice Cube. Just got back from a girls night out. How fucken fun! Started the night off @ CC's Roadhouse in Paramount and after that shit was SHUT THE FUCK DOWN (at 11:30pm mind you!) for an ALCOHOL INSPECTION (WTF IS THAT?! Fucking cops I swear) we high tailed it to the Hully Gully in Downey. I danced my ass off to a great mix of 80s, dance, Spanish Rock, New Wave, and they even played Sisters of Mercy! I stomped my feet and twirled around the floor hahaha. Met some cool new chicks tonight, hope I see them again. I need to get back in the social mix and mingle like I used to!
I am now happily eating a leftover burrito (hahaha). Gawdayum, too many cute guys tonight. Tsk tsk tsk.

Psycho Killer

Post! [10 May 2008|08:01am]
[ mood | chipper ]

I need to get back in LJ, I've let time fly and I have so much to post about. *shakes fist*
Soon my pretty, soon....
I realize it's 8am Saturday morning and I am ONLINE, I am just hyped up for the weekend.

Psycho Killer

Hell yes [03 Feb 2008|12:17am]
I scored a red satin pencil skirt from Torrid today, on clearance! They had originally came out with it about a month or so ago and sold out right away. I have one in black but reeeeally wanted one in red. A girl can never have enough pencil skirts damnit. :D
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Waaaaah [02 Dec 2007|01:51am]
[ mood | cold ]

It's cold in L.A. Freezing cold, for L.A. standards. It's give me a cup of warm rum or I am going to kick your face cold. I wore a skirt tonight, smart riiight? It was a leopard print skirt, I couldn't help it man. I suffer for fashion damnit.
My Sailor Jerry rum helf up it's end of the bargain, that is some good shit but I do miss my Jager.


Psycho Killer

Aah memories [27 Aug 2007|03:07pm]
[ mood | amused ]

OMG, I was reading some old entries on our Real World Levas journal. Fuck, there are a bunch of references that still crack me up. One in particular was "hitting transvestites" but I can't remember who put that nor can I remember who actually did it. It was a journal that Mike, Chino, and I started. Fuck we had such good fucking times, we were so young and up for anything. Those times were so carefree, I am so grateful for all of the memories. It was like a different lifetime. I cracked up at this entry I had posted about 3 years ago about this guy who I was soooo crazy for, I forgot who it was even about. It took me a couple of minutes to remember. I don't even talk to that guy anymore like I used to. In my typical fashion I cock blocked myself and broke my own heart. Story of my life, lol. Bah!

Speaking of story of my life, I had lunch at the Pike on 4th St. The other day. The owner was the drummer for Social Distortion and I kinda know him through work. We do work for his bar sometimes and I have spoken to him on a couple of occasions. I recognized him right away but was too chicken shit to say hi. I was there during my lunch celebrating with my cousin Rosie who had just gotten a job over at UCLA. It was myself, Rosie, my brother, and his fiancé Erica. The food was bomb, I had beer. It was great. I had been wanting to go there forever but since no one I know is really into that bar "scene" I never had the chance to, so that's off my list now. Long Beach has so many cool ass little bars, I fucking love it. I have another interview with the Port on Wednesday. I received my 1st rejection letter from my 1st interview. I knew I wasn't going to get that job, I totally bombed my interview. Only reason I wanted to work there was because it was around the corner from the West Coast Choppers shop so I was like "Ah fuck it.". That was 1 strike out of 5 balls so we'll see how things go this week.

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[22 Aug 2007|02:47pm]
[ mood | bored ]

Ok after having this journal for like 5 fucking years (lmao) I FINALLY made a half ass attempt at filling in the user info. Not a bad start.

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Ugh! [21 Aug 2007|08:21pm]
[ mood | amused ]

So I met this guy on Friday night, well not "met". We ran into him at a bar in Hawthorne after realizing we went to school with him. I chatted with him for a few minutes, he is a cool dude. I was instantly smitten. He's adorable and just seems like a chill ass dude. Doesn't hurt that he is a TATTOO ARTIST AS WELL (hellooo!! *swoon*)
I totally thought he could be possible new crush for August seeing that my last 2 guys turned out to be total let downs. I made a comment to the friend who introduced me to him that back in High School I had always thought he was hella cute and was def. looking forward to seeing him on Saturday night (at a mutual friends birthday party). Come to find out that she slept with him THAT NIGHT (even though she has a boyfriend of 4 years). I was like "....that is not fair". I mean I didn't CLAIM him per sé but still I called dibs damnit. I wasn't even on the "prowl" that night but I'll be damned if I go down without at least attempting to see if he is interested.
I have never gotten into any sort of competition with friends over guys (we all have such different tastes) but shiiiit it's on this Saturday. I just want to see if we click or not, it won't hurt to try que no? Wait 'til he sees me all dolled up, I'll knock him dead lol. Hello pencil skirt and fishnets.
It's nice to have a new guy to get all *swoony* over because I have not had good luck lately. "Chef" turned out to be a bust, pinchi player player. He is so damn handsome and we had so much shit in common, I was like "OMG where have you been I hit the jackpot". A tall, dark, and handsome guy with plenty of tattoos, charming personality, ghetto, a CHEF, AAAND with a psychobilly pompadour. He lived in the HOOD too (total score!) and just seemed like a cool dude. It just felt so cute to be with him while he wore his creepers and I wore my leopard print skirt and wingtip maryjanes. Dorky I know.
My friends met and liked him right away. I didn't know he had a girlfriend and that I would soon be dropped. I can't believe I fucking fell for that shit, how did I not see the signs. He was such a charming ass bastard. He knew exactly what to say and boy would it work. I ended up looking like a fucking foool and I kick myself for it.
It doesn't help that I run into him at fucking shows and that he knows EVERYBODY. *shakes fist*
"Autozone" guy turned out to be a real prize too. Threw a hissy fit when I refused to hook up with him at his request as if I was a dial a hump and THEN tried to pick up on my cousin when she drunkenly said he was hot (she was soooo joking but he took it to the head....literally) and in return was made to feel hella stupid when I informed him that we she was just drunk and dialing random people from my phone.
I think he got butt hurt cuz I wouldn't give it up or give him head. Try harder jerk. It was my fault too though because he was my rebound guy, I just needed to get my mind off of Chef and look what happened.

Enough guy talk, that's old news. Must learn and move on. The only thing keeping me on my toes is my pending and HOPEFUL job with the city of Long Beach. I have had 3 interviews and have 2 more to go. They are all with different departments, 2 being with the port. I want to work for L.B. so damn bad. I just want my foot in the damn door, it will be as if things are falling into place for me. I hate the anticipation.
Oh well, we shall see what this weekend holds up.
I think I will hit the gym tonight, I am in desperate need to sweat.

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damn [29 Jul 2007|12:44am]
I haven't been on here in fucking months, I even forgot my password lmao. Lame!
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ah shit son [29 Apr 2007|10:56pm]
i am drunk ahahah. off of hefenweizen or however you pinchi spell it. damn gina. man i am so fucking digging that song "hey there delilah" by the plain white t's. they are so not my usual pot of tea but fuck i dig that song. it's so...pretty. fer reals. ugh i need slep.
Psycho Killer

Son of a bitch [23 Apr 2007|09:00am]
[ mood | sick ]

I am sick. AGAIN. Yes, AGAIN. I was perfectly fine on Thursday, la di fucking da and BAM on Friday I wake up sick and the weather was COMPLEEEETELY fucked up that day, fucking freezing with fucking showers which SOOOO did not help me. My immune system needs to cut me some fucken slack, cripes.

Psycho Killer

Got Patron in mah cup! [22 Mar 2007|09:51am]
[ mood | calm ]

So on Saturday I will be attending the Pitbull/Rakim y Ken Y concert. I forgot who else is playing. It shall be interesting. I just found out yesterday I was going, this concert outing has been planned for between friends of mine, I didn't want to go at first but someone backed out so I am taking their ticket. All these things to get ready for damnit! Dyed my hair last night, went back to purple but I added some blue to it so I'll end up with a nice blue/violet after a couple of washings. I am going to bleach just 2 chunks of my hair (the healthy portions!) to complete the job. After frying the fuck out of the bottom half of my hair (because my baseheaded ass decided to bleach the same portion 2 times in the course of 2 days eeehstoooped!). My poor hair, I have abused it so much this past month hahaha.
I bought some treatment for it and have noticed a nice difference after only 3 uses which is pretty good. I will do another round of it tonight while I am bleaching my hair. I need to get a hair cut ASAP! My bangs are past the grown out stage, I have been combing them to the side for the past 2 weeks but now I def. have to get them trimmed. Need to get my eyebrows waxed today, I am overdue for a waxing. Ooh I am def. gonna get my lip re-pierced (this will be the 5th time I do it! hahahaha). I also need to see what I am gonna wear, I gotta look fly hahaha. Maybe I'll wear the cherry polka dot top I fought for, see how it works out. Fuck my life is so bland lately, the Mon- Fri portion of it at least. All I do it wake up, get ready, go to work, come home, sleep. Rinse and repeat. Fuck it ey.

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Hair Hair Hair [10 Mar 2007|09:47am]
[ mood | awake ]

After having purple hair for about a month (I think) my hair is now a beautiful blue. I mixed the purple dye with some indigo and it came out sooo pretty and rich. What trips me out is that the bottom half of my hair that was supposed to also come out blue came out fucking black!!!! I don't know if I want to bleach it AGAIN and cause more damage or just leave it as it is. I'll probably just let that heal and bleach some other parts. I lurv my hair color, I have never done blue before. My cousin is in town today, that damn flaker. She flaked on mE nasty the last time she was in town so she better not do that again today or I am egging her car hahaha. I think we are going dancing at La Boom tonight. Damn you Huntington Park. hahahaha

*EDIT* Sunday 4pm (or is it 3pm? Or 5 pm?!)
Got fucked up. Fuuuuucked up. With Patron in my cup (hahaha)
Woke up and had no idea where I was and I felt/still feel like shit. Damnit man.

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